How to Order Johnny Rockets Online In Guyana


We are going to be reviewing Ordering from Johnny Rockets online from their website and how to order johnny rockets burger online in Guyana. Their website is customer and also mobile friendly. We will be making the order from our desktop for the tutorial

step 1: goto ( desktop or mobile

Click on “View Menu” to know whats available for you to order online

Based on what is available i have decided to get a Burger, Milk Shake and Fries. yaay!

Step 2: Click on the order online button at the bottom left corner

                Step 3:  Click on your order and choose what exactly you want. you also have the option of choosing if you want a combo, extra cheese or no cheese etc

click on “Add to cart“.

you can see i have one Item in my cart. Now am going ahead to make my next

select if you want a small or large. what flavor you want. then scroll down

Choose what quantity you want to order then click “Add to cart”.

You can Make as Many orders as you want keep adding them to the cart in same format and then we can move to the next step.

Step 5: Click on cart at the top right corner

fill in you contact details in the fields above then click “save”

Fill in the address your order will be delivered to.  Click Save .

The next page will be a google map to pin point your address to make it easier for the delivery location to be found

Click the map to drop the pin on your location. If you cant see your location properly use the plus button to enlarge the map and more addresses will appear. click on the “Done” button. you will be prompted with the additional fee for delivery.

only payment option is cash. Click the “Save” button.

when you are sure of your order and details filled click “Place Delivery Order Now”

   When you get the message above your order has been successfully placed. Yow will also get a mail and a call to confirm your order.

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