Guyanese To Be Treated With Partial Solar Eclipse On August 21st


The media is all hype about the solar eclipse expected to occur on Monday, August 21st but most of the information we have, is about the path of totality. Most would know that those in certain parts of the United States will be given a rare treat when the moon will pass between the sun and the earth, completely blocking out the light of the sun, except for its corona. The resulting shadow, which we call a solar eclipse will be seen by millions, however, those not exactly on the path of totality can still see what is known as a partial solar eclipse. This is where the moon only covers a portion of the sun, making it appear as though a chunk of the latter has been removed. This too can be deemed a rare sight and will be visible in Guyana on the said date.

For those in Georgetown and its environs, the partial solar eclipse will be visible beginning at 14:48hrs and will reach its peak at 15:58hrs, ending at 17:00hrs giving a total eclipse time of 2 hours and 11 minutes.

Solar eclipses are rare to human eyes but are not rare occurrences. They actually occur several times per year but most occur over oceanic areas where people can’t see them.

For those who will be looking out for the eclipse, ensure that you take all precautions. Don’t look directly at the sun or the eclipse as there is always the risk of retinal damage; if you want to look at the eclipse, normal sunglasses are not advised. There are special eclipse glasses that will allow you to make the most out of this spectacle. Always remember, safety first.