Facebook: Social media company is testing its standalone video chat app ‘Bonfire’


It appears Facebook is on the verge of adding a video chat app, Bonfire to its long line of applications.

If reports are anything to go by, then Facebook is already testing Bonfire, a standalone group video chat app that allows multiple video chat.

Bonfire allows you to hold a video chat with multiple friends simultaneously and you can also apply Snapchat-like effects, and share pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

When you invite a friend to a chat on the app, the person gets notifications, both within their Messenger and Facebook profile, and once they join, formats can be switched between everyone getting equal screen space to one that prioritizes the person speaking.

The news about Bonfire filtered through in July this year. The app reportedly bears resemblance to other video chat app Houseparty and WeKiki.

The new app has already been released in Danish iOS App Store which suggested that the social media giant will soon roll it out to other customers across the world.

Denmark typically has impressive user retention which makes the Scandinavian nation a good testing ground for new products.

Looking forward to the app been lunched in Guyana.

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