15 Facts About Guyana

fact about guyana

Guyana is a sovereign state located on the northern coast of South America, to the north of Equator, between latitudes 1° and 9°N and longitudes 56° and 62°W. This land was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498 A.D. after which, in 1616 A.D., it became a Dutch colony. British established their power in Guyana in 18th century and the country remained a British colony till 1966 and gained independence on 26th of May in 1966. This country shares international borders with Brazil in the south and southwest, Suriname in the east and Venezuela in the west. Guyana is known by the name ‘Land of Six People’, because of its peculiar population which comprises of people with different ancestry. The population comprises of descendants of African slaves, indigenous Amerindians, Chinese, Indians, Portuguese and European people. Culturally, it is part of Anglophone Caribbean. The are many more fact about Guyana but today we will Highlighting 15 facts.

15 Facts About Guyana
1. A former British colony and the only common wealth nation in South America.
2. Guyana's Capital City is Georgetown
3. Guyana is the only English Speaking Country in the whole of south america
4. Guyana is the third smallest country in south america
5. Conventional long form: Cooperative Republic of Guyana
Conventional short form: Guyana
Local long form: British Guiana
6. Guyana shares borders with Brazil, Suriname , Venezuela
7. Guyana's constitution was formed on the 6th of October 1980
8. Guyana's highest point: Mount Roraima 2,835 m
9. Guyana's lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m
10. Guyana's Life Expectancy is 67 years ranking 160 in the world
11. Esequibo River is the Longest River in Guyana
12. Guyana's constitution was formed on the 6th of October 1980
13. The Official Currency is Guyanese dollar (GYD)
14. Cricket is the most popular and loved sport in Guyana
15. Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls are 741 feet high, which is about five times more than the height of Niagara Falls.

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